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Illusion no sekai A Thai K-pop Fan girl/ SHINee,EXO Bias::Kai/Sehun/Minho/Taemin Ships::TaeKey/2Min/KyuHae Reblog Kpop stuffs regarding my bias since I have no sense of creativity :P

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    (cr Micky_Toldey)

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    taekai moment at smtown LA 2012

    cr. GALAEXO

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    TaeKai ヾ(*´∇`)ノ





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    SM LA, May 2012.

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    The way Kai looks at his Sehunnie *___*

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    The way Kai looks at Sehun; Joonmyun.jpg. 

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  • 05/28/12--19:39: Photo

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    4 Years with Shinee ❤ 

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    Sehunnaaaaa~~~~ you are f*cking cute *die*

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  • 05/28/12--19:43: Photo

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    -Lovey Dovey Touchy Honey-

    Minho’s hand on Taemin’s back

    Someone mentioned it FINALLY

    I thought I was daydreaming XD ohjsrtpohjsrpthj 

    2MIN MINHO !!!!!!!!!!! 

    NO WONDER U WERE STANDING THERE T^T I bet u always ;;;; just ;;; always ;;; TTT 

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  • 05/28/12--19:51: Photo

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    arodwen: So, after following EXO since Teaser 1, I think I know their silhouettes well enough to figure out exactly who's who.:


    Judging by his muscles and physique, Black Tank and White Shorts is Tao. Guy with the ball is Luhan (that fancam of him with the lion-hair). Grey beater and grey pants is one of the shortest - Lay (it’s also his usual style). Brown hair, white tee, and white sneakers is Kris (selca with Tao with his super long hair). Other guy is obviously Chanyeol (who else is as tall?). Guy in all black is still a shot in a dark for me but my first gut instinct claims D.O. Though it could also be Xiumin when he had a bowl cut (also in the

    nope, There used to be the clarification pic posted somewhere a while ago.

    The muscular guy with black tank top and short was Kai.
    Tao was the one wearing all black.
    Sehun was wearing grey tank top.

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    SeKai’s little intimacy moment 

    They’re perfect together :A; It hurts.

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    Sekai/Kaihun 120602 - backstage (Cr.SENSATION)

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  • 06/03/12--08:26: choijinri: ≧ω≦
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    KAIHUN/SEKAI sweet moments.

    (Like a girlfriend taking care of her boyfriend since Sehun looks pretty girly here. =[]=)

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    Hahaha… I used to see Sehun as the manly image in HunHan relationship. But after watching tons of fancams and clips, Sehun’s character in my eyes changed. =[]=

    Plus, Someone who followed them even before the debut said that Sehun can not top anyone. She said he’s the most feminine one in EXO and HunHan is a cute sisterly relationship *-*

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    i’m always waiting for you

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